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Best EyeSpy Pebbletm   Iriscope - Sclerascope now  MAC compatable 

Digital Iriscope Irisscope Sclerascope Iridology eye-camera Eyology iridology camera 2Mp (5Mp interpollated)

To improve image quality of true BROWN eyes we have added 2 SIDE LIGHTS with an on/off switch.

              The NEW EyeSpy name: "Pebble-8+2" 

New  stock available NOW         $ 695.-- AUD  plus shipping

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For a limited time we will Include "EyeRis" iridology report writing software with chart overlay in black, white and invisible.

                                                             This is the Best EyeSpytm yet,  

            The EyeSpy tm  " Pebble Digital iris iridology camera connects directly to your Laptop's USB port.

                                     It provides  a clear  live image on your computer monitor. 



 Made in AUSTRALIA and the USA with local and imported components so you know it will work! 

                     1) Hold the EyeSpy Pebble tm  up to the Eye, steady the camera, then....

                     2)  Adjust the focus and.....

                     3)  Click the button on the camera to take and store the Iris picture on your computer.       

     To show the stored image  click on the thumbnail  image in the window on the right hand side.

                                                      That's it......... done........Yes that's quick......

   *The software is imple, stable and not overwhelming.

   *The quality of the images is getting close to the images taken with  the  8 Mp  Canon  EyeRonec system , the new EyeSpy Pebble-8+2 tm    is a great entry level camera for beginners, students as well as professional iridology  practitioners.

    *The EyeSpy Pebble tm differs from  Chinese imports  as it is an Australian design, assembled and tested in Australia and the USA.

    *EyeRis tm Software will import the EyeSpy Pebble tm image and print a report for your Client in plain, easy to     understand text.

EyeSpyPebble: iridology camera, USB iriscope, Sclerascope, iris camera has the latest Iris Technology  and Works great with Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and MAC  operating systems.        Img2.jpg                                        

(5 MP interpollated is the rating used by most Chinese makers the TRUE CCD (CMOS) number of pixels is 2 MP)

Please note that the latest model "Pebble-8+2" is supplied with Capture software, 

PLUS  a free (download) copy of 'EyeRis", our iridology report writing software.

The total price is $ 695 AUD plus P+H.

For all details see our latest website     (Iridology.NeverLies)   

or contact us by email  or phone Australia 0409 622 795 or  USA 775 856 9494


            Digital Iriscope irisscope iridology eye ology


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